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Hot stamp coders

Manual hot stamping coding machine

The features of hot stamping coding machine:
1) Printing type: ribbon printing, manual operation, single-line and double-line available, printing position optional
2) Range of application: printing clear date code, batch number and weight on plastic bags, paper cases and various trademark labels
3) As a stand alone coder, it is suitable for low volume production

Electrical driven hot stamping coding machine Model 200

The features of electrical driven hot stamping coding machine:
1. Printing Type?Ribbon printing;
2. Electrically driven print head;
3. Manual operation; single-line, double-line and three-line available;
4. Printing position optional

Motor driven hot stamp coding machine

Model 700 hot stamping coding machine is used for vertical automatic form fill and sealing machines, such intermittent vertical packing machines as mild soft-pack packing machines,box-packed packing machines, etc to print production date, lot/batch number and other related information. It is characterisitic with compact size, covenient installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.
Hot stamp foil used, legible characters.
Special typeholder structure simplifies the types replace.
It is suitable for most of packing materials including BOPP, PET, PE films, cardboard, paper, leather, cloth etc.

Stepping motor driven hot stamping coding machine
Model 703 coder is the latest hot stamping coding machine, winning several patents for an innovational structure and control system.
This compact coder assures easy operation and installation. The design of cassette simplifies the foil change, greatly decreases the downtime.
The control system of model 703 embodies the safety, intelligence, convenience as below:
The driving and heating voltage is 24V DC, which is totally safe for the operators. Support the AC power from 110V to 220V.

Less than 1mm prints gap greatly reduces the foil waste.
Alarm of the foil break, missprinting, foil shortage.
Up to 120 ppm printing speed can satisfy the majority of intermittent packing machines.
The LED display and industrial film keys are easy to operate. Convenient Chinese/English exchange and menu setting support various applications.


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