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Packaging lines

Operators stack flat cardboard blanks into a magazine of the cartoning machine. Cardboard blanks are picked one by one by the machine using vacuum and loaded into carriers.
In the first phase, the bottom of a box is folded and bonded by hot melt adhesive which guarantees quick and firm adhesion.
In the next phase, boxes are filled with a required amount of product using volumetric dosing equipment. Hopper is automatically feeded by a supply conveyor.
In the last phase the top part of a box is folded and bonded. Cartoning machine is equiped with a printer (bar codes, dates etc). Finished boxes are transported by a conveyor for further processing.
Speed: Standard: 35 doses / minute
Maximum: up to 100 doses / minute

Filling line designed for filling loose and dusty products into plastic containers of various sizes and shapes.
Doses 250g to 6kg. This particular model was modified for complete incorporation into customers production line.
Dosing is ensured by servo-auger doser with two augers. Big ones ensures performance and smaller one ensures accurate dosing.
The entire line is controlled by a touch panel. Operator can easily load up preset values for each size of dose and container, or set new values and save them for future use. Filling station will automatically setup itself.
When designing the machine emphasis was given on cleanliness of the container and minimum dustiness.
Components: Rotary table , Transport lines , Filling section, Output:Maximum: 6 doses / minute for 2 kg doses

This machine was specialy developed for filling premade paper bags with coal.
The bag is manualy mounted on the filling head, where it's automaticly clamped. The bag is released when the dosing is done.

This machine was specialy developed for filling the bags with very dusty products.
The bag is manualy mounted of the filling head, where it's pneumatically clamped. It's dosed by an auger filler and the quantity is being controled by a weighing unit.
When the dosing is done the bag is released and the bag is being transported into the closing station, where the top part is being welded or sutured.


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