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Ink roll coder model 1500

Electrical driven continuous motion ink roll coder
Model 1500 is the most advanced type of high speed ink roll coding machine. It is driven by high speed motor and can satisfy the request for higher speed and more precise print position.
1. Synchronized with packing machine
2. Easy installation
3. With encoder
4. Speed: 1200 times/min
5. Fault output signal
6. Stable printing
7. Less mechanism consume
8. Compact size

Model 1500 is an electronic continuous motion coder designed to print an area as described in the Machine Specifications. The model 1500 will product imprint on all common packaging materials at rates up to 1200 prints per minute and at film speed up to 70 meters per minute with below features:

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  • Description:

    Print area Axial = 40mm Radial = 60mm Printing lines T-type (axial) up to 13lines, max. 15characters per line R-type (radial) up to 8lines, max. 13characters per line Font size T-type 1.5 mm,2.0 mm,2.5 mm R-type 3.0mm ,3.5 mm, 4.5 mm (special letters and font can be custom-made) Cycle rate up to 1200 prints/ minute Surface speed up to 70 meters/ minute Pouch length ?38mm(4-up printer)?75mm(2-up printer) Type of printhead Right-hand (Clockwise) Left-hand (Counter-clockwise) Control box LCD display Ink roll required ?35*32 mm Electrical AC100V—AC230 V,50/60 Hz Power 140W,2A Fuse Environmental operating temperature 4°C-38°C Relative humidity 10%-95% Weight printhead 4kg Control box 2kg Dimensions printhead : 94mm*100mm*166mm (L*W*H) Control box : 180mm*190mm*96mm (L*W*H)


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